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The Nature of DPDR Dissociation – An hypothesis by Santos Barrios

I came across Santos Barrios on youtube and was so impressed. This is the first time I looked at what is going on with me from a physiological aspect.  He has a site for self healing dpdr in English and Spanish. and a youtube channel but most of his current info is in Spanish. I have tried to start his exercises but am struggling with staying present in the moment, feeling fully, and “mindfulness”.  It is just too painful to feel and I am taking it slow.  I highly recommend checking Santos Barrios out, this video I  posted is his theory… very good!

Dr. Dan Siegel- On Integrating the Two Hemispheres of Our Brains

Dr. Dan Siegel has a video I found just recently that is incredible. In less than four minutes he explains the left and right hemispheres and the mindfulness – being aware – practice being present with emotions & verbalize those emotions so the left hemisphere balances the right… He explains it better… I have yet to see his other videos too.

Michele Rosenthal- Reversing How Trauma Changes Your Brain

Michele Rosenthal is another I recently discovered and her explaining how trauma affects the brain and development gave me the comfort of understanding why I struggle with so many of the things I do and there is a biological reason and it can be worked through….  I felt understood and was given more hope…

this is a screenshot of one of her charts I found useful…

brain trauma pic

Lisa A. Romano and Ross Rosenberg discuss how and why dissociation or emotional disconnection is a coping strategy or defense mechanism to deal with deep internal emotional pain of loss, trauma, neglect and/or abuse.



Roberta Morrison- Healing Our Attachment Disorders

Wow, Roberta Morrison has another excellent video. She is teaching from church -even if you aren’t a christian she has excellent information- she explains things well, she is “real”, she “gets” it…

She also has a video called “Don’t Short Circuit Grief” that was excellent.

Alan Robarge- How to Heal Attachment Trauma – It Depends

Alan Robarge is a relationship coach that really gets the trauma aspect. Seriously, if you look at all the videos he made and the comments on youtube, people love him!!!  He can be a bit long on his videos but its worth listening to get the understanding he has. He explains so much and has so much empathy for us. I could list a lot of his videos here but this is the first I came across…