Poem ~ Struggles Healing of Trauma

Wrote this morning:

Viewing life through a prism, it feels like a prison,
many mirrors of a multiple me, to survive the abuse I become a we,
another inside me takes on the pain, the only way to cope and stay sane,
the rest of me doesn’t remember, the painful event that happened November,
til decades later repressed memories seep out, don’t understand what it’s all about,
slowly recovering shattered pieces of my life, painful wounds cutting like a knife,
so difficult to integrate, only so much a heart can take,
feels like my heart is bleeding with every flashback, my body out of control with each panic attack,
this is the life I am living inside my fake walls, trying to be strong til I break & it falls,
wishing just one person could understand, wishing just one person would hold my hand,
walk through this with me, tell me someday I can be free,
I can no longer be strong and pretend, I cannot do this alone, I need a friend,
I don’t need advice, I just need to be, I just need someone to sit with me,
sit with me while I feel the pain, while it comes crashing down like pouring rain,
but emotions come out too intense, so I push them back and build a fence,
a fence of stone and steel, because I don’t want to feel,
so I am stuck again, this will never end…
until I can remain real, and let myself feel…

About kpaol

Hi! I love God, my husband, my kitty, photography & photoshop, blogging, & my wordpress community :)
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1 Response to Poem ~ Struggles Healing of Trauma

  1. Very real and true! Thank you for sharing this


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