Michele Rosenthal ~ Your Life After Trauma -page 5 my journal entry


When I got to page 5 in Your Life After Trauma, and read, “…create from scratch who you’ve always wished you’d had the chance to become.” it struck a nerve, I knew I had to go to my journal with it… if you can’t tell… the sketch is me sitting alone against the wall with a cloud while others are in the sunshine playing and laughing together… This was so painful to me, and after doing it, I didn’t feel any resolution… in my trying to surf emotions and such, I feel I’m left out in the deep end hanging on to a life preserver – I don’t get what to do next… the feelings are just there and not leaving… what am I missing??? I just feel so much loss and anger with this entry… but the feelings are not moving and going anywhere… they just stick like dry mud…

(if this is really hard to make out, let me  know, I can type out what the words are below it)

journal book entry

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Michele Rosenthal ~ Your Life After Trauma (started first chapter)

I ordered her book on Amazon. I feel hopeful. I read the first chapter and feel this will be a good tool for me. I wonder how many of you have already gone through the book. Also feel free to comment on other books and tools you have used.

…it takes readers through a step-by-step process of healing the identity crisis, from understanding some of the basic brain science behind trauma and why you feel the way you do, to recognizing who you were (or had the potential to be) before the trauma, who you are today, after the trauma, and who you want to become.




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