When no one understands…

If you too have felt misunderstood, and for the longest time wonder what is wrong with you, I hope this site can help you feel you are not alone. Since the ’90s I have gone to many counselors and left feeling more hopeless.

My only strength, hope, and comfort has been, and is from God. Knowing He knows every nook & cranny about me, understands it all, and faithfully guides me and is there for me has kept me sane. He has led me to books and resources online – I have had to discover things on my own.

I’ve been through different stages of healing but still journeying on… I hope the things that helped me will help others. Resources I have found online have been surfacing in which people are finally explaining whats up and we are feeling understood and given tools how to get better…


About kpaol

Hi! I love God, my husband, my kitty, photography & photoshop, blogging, & my wordpress community :)
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9 Responses to When no one understands…

  1. This was good! Thank you for sharing this!!


  2. Keep writing.. keep sharing … 😊


  3. I am so glad I found your blog . . . . I have read some of your blog writings and we share some of the same stories and healing … I write a blog also and I write about my struggles and living with PTSD and healing in therapy … anyways I look forward to reading more and feel free to come check out my blog and follow …. glad I found this blog of yours


    • kpaol says:

      thank you so much! The blog has been incredible therapy for me and finding others going through it too has given much strength and encouragement to journey forward… having others understand and know what its like… I saw your blog, it is beautiful! I didn’t see a follow button though? Thank you for commenting! I know we’ll talk again soon 🙂


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